I first learned of Kohler & Associates by searching the website for high
quality recreational tracts in north Florida. It became apparent to me very quickly as I perused their website that I had hit the jackpot of high quality properties in the Red Hills. While most brokers had commercial timber tracts, wetlands or land that was so unusable or overgrown, K & A's portfolio of tracts were truly amazing and even at a quick glance, a casual observer could tell that K & A's tracts were legacy-type tracts with pride of ownership apparent. Over the next year and a half I spent a total of 7 full days viewing Jon's available inventory of properties and properties that were not yet on the market that only Kohler & Associates knew about. I finally settled on a property. Had K & A not had so many high quality properties to choose from, a decision on which property to buy could have been made much sooner. K & A are the preeminent authority on the Red Hills market. They have the knowledge, the contacts and the experience working on all aspects of purchasing, selling, evaluating, maintaining and improving plantation properties. If you are interested in buying or selling a Red Hills plantation, it is absolutely essential to contact Kohler & Associates. Kohler & Associates are truly the masters of the Red Hills.
Our family recently acquired River Bluff, part of the historic Old Agency Reserve, established by Colonel Benjamin Hawkins on the Flint River in 1790. Jon Kohler, and his staff at Plantation Auction Group were quick to spend a cold, gray December day with me despite my rather last minute bid on the property. I was immediately and feverishly taken by the beauty of the place, and through persistence, a certain amount of luck, and Jon's sound advice I was successful even though mine was not the highest initial bid. Jon was seemingly always reachable by phone or email, calming, and cajoling me to place a "back up bid"; a strategy that proved correct. Having been in this niche business for sometime, Jon has expertise ranging from conservation easements to the proper planting of a food plot--- and his attention and availability did not end with the sale. The whole affair was a positive experience.
As a lender trying to liquidate bank-owned high quality properties, I feel 100%
confidence in bringing in Jon Kohler and his affiliated teams to help us. When you work with Kohler, you don't just get a successful broker, you get expertise from auctions to marketing for high caliber properties. Jon Kohler is one of the most candid analytical brokers I have worked with, providing us with real-time advice, facts, and market information on today's values.
Working with Jon Kohler has been exceptional. They were on the ground
photographing my property at the end of September, and here we are three month's later, with two contracts written on my property. I am in the real estate business myself, and have never worked with a more professional group. I'd like to work with Kohler more in the future.
Jon Kohler gets it. He understands what land is all about.