Peacock Plantation

Peacock Plantation

1,471+/- acre SW Georgia Historical Quail Plantation on Famed Warrior Creek

One of the most beautiful and diverse plantations in SW Georgia, This Plantation is Strategically Located on Game Rich Warrior Creek

This Plantation is Indicative of Scattered Plantations not in the Heart of any of the Main Belts; These Properties are Superlative


Peacock Plantation

Peacock plantation is a 1,471 +/- acre historical quail plantation on famed game rich Warrior Creek, in Colquitt County, GA. It is located 14 miles from Moultrie, 19 miles to Tifton, and only one hour from Thomasville, GA. Peacock Plantation has great deer and turkey and previously sold quail hunts and duck hunts. The property has a 9 acre pond, a 3.5 acre pond, three 1.4 acre ponds, and 2.75 miles on Warrior Creek. There is a main lodge, managers house, recently renovated sharecroppers house, barns, and kennel. The plantation is very diverse; from 213 acres of irrigated cropland, to creek frontage and ponds, rolling topography, beautiful hardwoods, and very good stands of timber. This plantation is indicative of scattered plantations not in the heart of any of the main belts; these properties are superlative.

"When I see a “stand alone” plantation just outside of the main belts it immediately tells me that there really is something uniquely special about the place. The hunting is usually exceptional and the place usually has a ton of character. I wasn’t disappointed with Peacock Plantation. While it’s not exactly in the “quail belt”, it joins many high quality properties located on Warrior Creek so I is in a good neighborhood. There is certainly something special about this area, particularly the game flow it commands. Peacock Plantation in particular has vast stands of longleaf and wiregrass, enormous hardwood bottoms, and is steeped in history. Peacock Plantation will certainly exceed your expectations as it did mine.”

- Jon Kohler

The wildlife is plentiful. It is a historic quail plantation and they previously sold whole and half day quail shooting and duck hunting. There are great deer and turkey.

There are currently 213 acres irrigated. The property has 16 different soils; Four soils are indicated to be “prime farmland”; six are designated “farmland of state wide importance. This is an indication that ten of the soils are well suited to growing local crops, pastures and pine timber.

"I look at high quality land every day. Peacock has some of the nicest timber stands, native ground cover, and eco-tones of any quail plantation I have seen. Its been very, very well taken care of. It has been loved and its resources haven’t been overly consumed.”

- Jon Kohler

The Lodge is approximately 2,600 square feet. There is a large porch across the front, fireplaces on each end of the house, living room, kitchen, library, dining room, three bedrooms and four baths. The lodge was designed by Frank McCall, a prominent architect who designed many of the fine homes in this part of South Georgia. He was internationally known for his designs. Homes designed by him are still in demand. The recently remodeled sharecropper house is approximately 700 square feet. It has a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and one bath, and a large porch on the front. The manager’s house, also called “Bobby’s House”, is approximately 1,300 square. It has a living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two baths. There are also several barns and a kennel.

This is a great opportunity on a SW Georgia Plantation.

Peacock Plantation

"Years of law school trained me to get right to the issue. One can argue about minor points but the reality here is that this is what we call an “A” quail plantation and very easy to value… but for one fact, Location. It’s not in the traditional “plantation belt.” From its looks, one can’t tell that it’s not 10 miles SW of Thomasville buy is 42 miles NE. It is 15 miles directly N of Tallokas and that belt of plantations and Warrior Creek has many high quality properties. Assuming one could find 1,500 acres 10 miles SW of Thomasville, if it looked like Peacock Plantation, and with its amenities, we would expect it to command $2M more than the asking price here. Essentially, one has to ask themselves is it worth $67,000 per mile or 30% more to be 30 miles closer to Thomasville; particularly when one is only 14 miles to Moultrie or 20 miles from Tifton itself at Peacock Planation.”

- Jon Kohler



of Peacock Plantation

  • 1,471± acres Historical Quail Plantation on Famed Warrior Creek, Colquitt County, GA
  • 42 miles from Thomasville, 27 miles to Sylvester, 20 miles to Tifton and I-75
  • Located 14 miles from Moultrie, the third largest city in SW GA
  • One of the most beautiful and diverse plantations in SW Georgia
  • 9± acre Pond, 3.5± acre pond, and three additional approx. 1.4± acre ponds
  • 2.75± miles on Warrior Creek
  • 213± acres cropland
  • 2,600 sq ft Lodge 3 BR/4 BA
  • Frank McCall home. Built “Georgia Cracker” vernacular
  • Lodge accommodates up to 10 guests
  • Managers house, 3 BR/2 BA
  • Sharecroppers house 2 BR/3 BA
  • Three barns, two sheds
  • Kennel
  • Exceptional deer and turkey
  • Warrior Creek is noted for producing exceptional game flow and excellent genetics
  • This is a quail plantation with very well groomed courses
  • Very good waterfowl including a duck pond
  • Located only 19 miles to Tifton, 42 miles to Valdosta, and approx One hour from Thomasville, GA
  • 16 different soils on the property; Four soils are indicated “prime farmland”; six are designated “farmland of state wide importance”
  • Warrior Creek is one of the most prolific wildlife river corridors in SW Georgia
  • This Plantation is Indicative of Scattered Plantations not in the Heart of any of the Main Belts; These Properties are Superlative

1,471 +/- Acres
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