Bordering the St. Marks Refuge on
One Side and the Flint Rock Wildlife
Management Area on Another!

End of the Road, Perfect for an Off-Grid Getaway


We have been watching this property for 20+ years and just recently got a call that they want to sell. They just bought out one of the last non-family members.

It's 40 acres bordering the St. Marks refuge on one side and the Flint Rock Wildlife Management Area on the other. This is one of the late Franklin Floyd's favorite places, and he had some of the best hunting spots in the entire area, even a camp in the middle of Ted Turner's land. Here, there is an unlimited game flow as it has all the wild game one could imagine. It's one of the most remote properties in North Florida. However, there is a good road and legal easement going through the state/national lands right to the property. There is a gate at the highway and a check station so not just anyone can enter the state lands.

It is located just south of Tallahassee.

There is unlimited wildlife, lots of water for fish, not too far of a walk to the Gulf of Mexico. There are tons of swamp cabbage, lots of natural timber, and it is just a fun place to go. You are in the middle of the last best place. This is Old Florida.

This property has been owned by the same family for generations

Priced to Sell at $250,000 $175,000

Broker's Comment:
"My family friends used to hunt it and live there for weeks at a
time. They brought in cooks and hunted the heck out of that place.
The old-timers are almost all gone and the kids just called
and finally said to sell it."

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