One of the Finest Albany Quail Plantations

Complete with 4.4 +/- miles of Frontage on Ichawaynochaway Creek, Lodge, Stable, Kennel, Two Managers Homes, Ponds, and More!

During a hunt with the Governor in February, they moved 19 coveys in the morning and 31 in the afternoon at Nochaway!

  • 5,615 +/- acre Albany Mapped Quail Plantation
  • 4.4 +/- miles of Frontage on Ichawaynochaway Creek
  • Established, Excellent Population of Wild Quail
  • 549 +/- acres Under Pivot
  • Several Ponds
  • There are Currently 6.5 Days of Unique Quail Courses (13 courses) and More Being Developed
  • Current Owner Runs an Extensive Trapping Program
  • Remodeled Lodge with Five Bedrooms
  • Manager's House with Three Bedrooms
  • Second Manager's House by the Main Lodge with Two Bedrooms
  • Horse Stable with Tack Room and Guest Quarters
  • Fenced Pasture
  • Kennel
  • Skeet Range
  • Air Strip
  • Equipment Barns
  • Equipment and Quail Wagons
  • 11 +/- acre Duck Pond and 12 acre Duck Pond
  • Current owner originally bought Nochaway in 1984 and sold it 1988 and bought it again around 2001
  • Beautiful Hardwoods and Cypress Stands
  • Quality Deer and Turkey
  • Mapped Albany Plantation