Some of the Finest Properties Across the Southeast click to view
  • <h1>Kickapoo Plantation- <span class='em'>Available</span></em></h1><p>442 Acres in Thomasville, Georgia in an A+ Red Hills location.<a href='' target='_new'><br>Visit the Kickapoo Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Chemonie Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD - JULY 2016</span></em></h1><p> 2,410 Acre historic quail plantation on the strategic Leon County, Florida side of the Red Hills plantation belt.<a href='' target='_new'><br>Visit the Chemonie Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Honey Lake Plantation - <span class='em'>AVAILABLE</span></em></h1><p>Established North Florida Plantation with 80 acre lake. These 2,800 acres are part of the original plantation and include plantation house, lake, guest house, high fence, and more! (Excludes the resort). <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Honey Lake Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Greenwood Plantation - <span class='em'>4,300 ACRES SOLD </span></em></h1><p>The best of the southeast, Thomasville's most historic and ecologically significant plantation sold for the first time since 1899. <a href='' target='_new'>Click to read more and watch our celebratory video»</a></p>
  • <h1>Valhalla Plantation - <span class='em'>AVAILABLE</span></h1><p>2,410 acres in Leon County, Florida, was originally part of Chemonie Plantation and is located in the world famous Red Hills Plantation Belt. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Valhalla Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Oldfields Plantation - <span class='em'>Sold </span></h1><p>Iconic quail plantation with classic revival house.  1,166 Acres in Jefferson County, Florida. <br />
<a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Auction Site»</a></p>
  • <h1><span class='em'>Social Storm™ / Wealth Preservation</span></h1><p>More and more Americans who are concerned with the future of our country are calling us because they know we can find them a sustainable property, built on self-reliance, and an ideal hedge.   <a href='' target='_new'>Click here to learn more.»</a></p>
  • <h1>Longpine Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD</span></h1><p>It was an honor to represent the Ford Family's private 5,850 acre Thomasville quail plantation. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Site»</a></p>
  • <h1><span class='em'>Ranches & Cattle Conversion Properties</span></h1><p>The trend for properties for food 
production continues upward. We have several cattle conversions going 
on now and can help assemble a team and plan on other potential 
conversion properties.  <a href=' Land'>Email us for more information»</a></p>
  • <h1>Horseshoe Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD </span></h1><p>An Incredible Preserve of Ancient Hardwoods on 2119+/- Acres
with Over six miles on the Oconee River in Georgia!</p>
  • <h1>Covey Pointe Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD </span></h1><p>Our buyer was looking for a property where he could train bird dogs in the winter.  This is a prestigious area that few people know about bordered by large ranches and good soils. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Covey Pointe Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>A-Cross Ranch - <span class='em'>SOLD</span></h1><p>Our client asked us to find one of the top-three most outstanding fly fishing and recreational ranches in the lower continental United States. Took several years, but we pulled it off.</p>
  • <h1>Chinquapin Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD!</span></h1><p>The Thomasville mansion on 1,318 acres was built by the business partner of Henry Rockefeller & has received national acclaim. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Chinquapin Plantation Site»</a></p>

Meet Our Team


Kohler, called the “Plantation Broker” by Garden & Gun Magazine and “The Plantation King” by Both Deep South AND 850 Magazine, represents the Seven Plantation Belts across the Southeast.


Jon Kohler

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Mobile: 850-508-2999

Jon Kohler’s entire professional career has been dedicated to the specialty brokerage and marketing of plantations, ranches, and high quality land.  

Jon is a member of both the Florida and Montana Bar and has a Bachelors Degree in both Real Estate and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management from Florida State University and a Juris Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. He first obtained his salesman’s license 27 years ago after discovering his passion for unique, environmentally sensitive land and sporting properties. He founded Jon Kohler & Associates in 1991. He went on to earn his law degree to be able to provide the highest level of representation to landowners and investors. In 2001, he was retained to represent Rock Creek Capital on a semi-exclusive basis and helped them create one of the finest portfolios of investment grade high quality land and plantations in the southeast.

Read 850 Business Magazine story on The Plantation King, Jon Kohler!
Read Thomas Cooley Law School's article on Jon Kohler

In 2008, when he couldn’t find a marketing firm that understood the nuances of marketing unique properties to high net worth individuals he co-founded Plantation Marketing Group. Today, it’s the marketing arm for Jon Kohler and Associates and almost all of its clients choose to benefit from its services. In 2014, Jon co- founded LandLeader, the largest land marketing company in America, which has a $1M+ annual marketing budget and in the first three years closed $3B in listings as a start-up company.

Today, Jon is regarded as one of the most experienced high quality land brokers and marketers in the Florida, Georgia, and Alabama markets, and is now offering the same commitment to landowners and buyers in South Carolina. He is contacted by almost all plantation sellers and is a source of due diligence for almost all buyers in this specialty niche. In 2014, he formed a specialty team helping investors with cattle conversions where he profitably converts industrial timberland into a higher and better use as a ranch.  

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Notable sales include Greenwood Plantation (4,000 acres for $22M to a conservation buyer), Southern Heritage (7,000 acres), Disston Plantation 4,200 acres (closed twice), Rock Creek/Molpus (124,000 acres that held title as the largest land sale in the southeast for 8 years), Longpine Plantation (6,000 acres/Ford family’s Thomasville quail plantation), and A-Cross Ranch (Saratoga, Wyoming/Regarded as one of the top three fly fishing ranches in the Lower 48), to name a few.

He also developed Centerville Conservation Community, the first conservation community in North Florida/South Georgia that preserved over 70% of the 975 acres. Today, the 200 lot neighborhood is respected nationwide and regarded as one of the finest developments in Tallahassee.

Jon and his wife and business partner, Erica, have two young sons, Greyson and Ashton. They own Lick Skillet Plantation located south of Thomasville and just east of Tallahassee which the main portion of the property is protected by a conservation easement with Tall Timbers and portions under easement with the SRWMD. The property has over 1.5 miles on the pristine Aucilla River, the site of one of the first two ranches in Spanish Florida and  is one of the largest privately held tracts on the Middle Aucilla. Along with his two sisters, Jon also owns the Blue Creek Coastal Preserve that his parents first founded almost 50 years ago and where his passion developed for land stewardship.  

Jon also owns Lick Skillet Cattle Company which raises grass-fed, non GMO angus beef on over 225 acres of the ranch. The cattle operation is grazed in a high density high rotation similar to what occurred naturally with the vast herds of bison