Horse Creek

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Horse Creek

1,052 acres Intensively Managed Rolling Plantation Land, High fenced with Spectacular Custom Log Lodge Overlooking a 15-acre Lake; Perhaps the Finest Quail/ Trophy Deer Property of its Size in SW Georgia

Currently Managed by the Landowner for Deer & Turkey but with 700 acres of Prime Quail Habitat


Horse Creek

"Take Worth County trophy whitetail genetics with a high fence to ensure age and maturity and add fertile farmland but cover it with longleaf, wiregrass, lots of roll, hardwood creeks and ponds, then throw in more timber, add even more timber and then consistently manage it with fire and top it off with what is arguably the most exceptional log lodge in SW Georgia……Then put it on a 15 acre private lake. This is a great explanation of Horse Creek Plantation."

— Jon Kohler

Horse Creek is 1,052 acres intensively managed rolling plantation land, high-fenced, in Worth County, Georgia perhaps the finest quail/trophy deer property of its size in SW Georgia. The custom lodge is spectacular and overlooking a 15-acre Lake. The property has beautiful rolling topography with prosperous stands of natural and planted pine and Large area of native ground cover and longleaf, wiregrass, hardwood creeks and ponds. Horse Creek Plantation is currently managed by the landowner for deer and turkey but with 700 acres of prime quail habitat.

The current landowner began making major improvements to this plantation starting in 1998. He placed a high fence on the entire property and began managing the exceptional Worth County whitetails, and added roads, lakes, watering holes and large food plots and continued a controlled burn program. This property has been exceptionally managed, maintained and ranks among the top plantations in the Southeast. There are 60 acre of food plots and very good road system. There is very little deferred maintenance and management costs are minimal. Horse Creek Plantation is a prime example of exceptionally high basal area and wildlife production. The timber on this property is exceptional. The ground cover is diverse and productive with much of it being native grasses. This property is a showplace.

Lake BlackshearsThe amenities are incredible and one has a sense that they are somewhere very special. The custom 5,500 square foot log lodge is spectacular; the logs were brought over from Montana and the construction was oversaw by a crew that came from Colorado. The lodge has 4 bedrooms, 1 large loft bedroom (2 of the 5 bedrooms are more like suites with kitchenettes), and 6 bathrooms. It features a large living room with stone fireplace and tall vaulted ceilings and tons of windows overlooking the lake. There is a large room for gaming & pool table, basement wine cellar, large kitchen with large breakfast nook, and a walkout porch on the second floor with breathtaking views of the lake. It is the perfect setting for enjoying the sunrises with coffee or sunsets with loved ones. This property offers first class amenities perfect for entertaining family & friends year round.

Located in the fertile area above Sylvester where farmland meets rolling hills this property is in a great neighborhood of other large landowners. Albany is 20 miles and Thomasville is just over an hour away. Sylvestor is a great SW Georgia town with a fabulous historical down.

Horse Creek Plantation is turn-key and ready to go for immediate enjoyment. In today’s regulatory environment, it would be very difficult to duplicate what this property has to offer.

7 C's Ranch

"I see the best of the best land across the SE. This is exactly what I would do if I owned this great property. I may add a gun range and add a electronic security gate and start a trapping and feeding program for quail but this property really does and has it all. I absolutely love the roll, the timber and all the wildlife."

“One can look at the current owner and learn a lot. Here, the high fence is 10 feet, not 8. Why? Because 10 might be better, why not. Why not add a watering hole to the food plots? Done. If he could think about doing it here he did it and he loved every minute of it.”

— Jon Kohler

of Horse Creek

  • 1,052 +/- acres High Fence Plantation, Worth County, GA
  • Custom 5,500 sf Log Lodge, 4BR/6BA/1 large loft bedroom with basement wine cellar, game room, and large porch offering breathtaking views of lake
  • The logs for the Lodge were brought over from Montana
  • Perhaps the Finest Quail/ Trophy Deer Property of its Size in SW Georgia
  • Fully stocked 15-acre lake
  • Rolling topography with prosperous stands of natural and planted pine and Large area of native ground cover and longleaf
  • Impecible habitat
  • Multiple Duck & Fishing ponds
  • 10ft high fence with very private gated entrance
  • 15+ food plots (60 acres total)
  • Custom, permanent enclosed fire tower deer stands, large enough for 2 people
  • Large Equipment Barn
  • Large number of trophy bucks with superior whitetail genetics
  • Well maintained road system throughout
  • Located in a neighborhood of other large landowners
  • Located in the fertile area above Sylvester, GA where farmland meets rolling hills
  • Located Just 20 miles from Albany, GA and just 60 miles from Thomasville, GA
  • 1.7 miles frontage on Horse Creek & 2.7 miles frontage on other Creeks

1,052 +/- Acres
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