Some of the Finest Properties Across the Southeast click to view
  • <h1>Kickapoo Plantation- <span class='em'>Available</span></em></h1><p>442 Acres in Thomasville, Georgia in an A+ Red Hills location.<a href='' target='_new'><br>Visit the Kickapoo Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Chemonie Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD - JULY 2016</span></em></h1><p> 2,410 Acre historic quail plantation on the strategic Leon County, Florida side of the Red Hills plantation belt.<a href='' target='_new'><br>Visit the Chemonie Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Honey Lake Plantation - <span class='em'>AVAILABLE</span></em></h1><p>Established North Florida Plantation with 80 acre lake. These 2,800 acres are part of the original plantation and include plantation house, lake, guest house, high fence, and more! (Excludes the resort). <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Honey Lake Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Greenwood Plantation - <span class='em'>4,300 ACRES SOLD </span></em></h1><p>The best of the southeast, Thomasville's most historic and ecologically significant plantation sold for the first time since 1899. <a href='' target='_new'>Click to read more and watch our celebratory video»</a></p>
  • <h1>Valhalla Plantation - <span class='em'>AVAILABLE</span></h1><p>2,410 acres in Leon County, Florida, was originally part of Chemonie Plantation and is located in the world famous Red Hills Plantation Belt. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Valhalla Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Oldfields Plantation - <span class='em'>Sold </span></h1><p>Iconic quail plantation with classic revival house.  1,166 Acres in Jefferson County, Florida. <br />
<a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Auction Site»</a></p>
  • <h1><span class='em'>Social Storm™ / Wealth Preservation</span></h1><p>More and more Americans who are concerned with the future of our country are calling us because they know we can find them a sustainable property, built on self-reliance, and an ideal hedge.   <a href='' target='_new'>Click here to learn more.»</a></p>
  • <h1>Longpine Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD</span></h1><p>It was an honor to represent the Ford Family's private 5,850 acre Thomasville quail plantation. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Site»</a></p>
  • <h1><span class='em'>Ranches & Cattle Conversion Properties</span></h1><p>The trend for properties for food 
production continues upward. We have several cattle conversions going 
on now and can help assemble a team and plan on other potential 
conversion properties.  <a href=' Land'>Email us for more information»</a></p>
  • <h1>Horseshoe Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD </span></h1><p>An Incredible Preserve of Ancient Hardwoods on 2119+/- Acres
with Over six miles on the Oconee River in Georgia!</p>
  • <h1>Covey Pointe Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD </span></h1><p>Our buyer was looking for a property where he could train bird dogs in the winter.  This is a prestigious area that few people know about bordered by large ranches and good soils. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Covey Pointe Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>A-Cross Ranch - <span class='em'>SOLD</span></h1><p>Our client asked us to find one of the top-three most outstanding fly fishing and recreational ranches in the lower continental United States. Took several years, but we pulled it off.</p>
  • <h1>Chinquapin Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD!</span></h1><p>The Thomasville mansion on 1,318 acres was built by the business partner of Henry Rockefeller & has received national acclaim. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Chinquapin Plantation Site»</a></p>

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We Represent the Finest Land... And give it the Finest Representation and Marketing…

Jon Kohler & Associates is a real estate brokerage, marketing, and advisor firm and is the leading authority on plantations, ranches, and high quality properties in the Southeast. Over the past 26 years, we have developed a specialty brokerage such that we represent the major landowners and investors in the plantation and high quality land niche. We are best known as the preeminent source of knowledge of high quality land investment opportunities, for our marketing which is like no other, and for representing the very top properties in this niche. We not only love land and broker land, but live the lifestyle ourselves and manage our own timberland, ranch, and hunting lands.

Since 2010 alone, we have closed more than 200,000 acres and $410M in sales. Examples include some of the most prestigious plantation sales in the Thomasville/Tallahassee and Albany markets as well as the Alabama Plantation Belt, such as Disston (twice), the historic Greenwood Plantation, Longpine Plantation, Chemonie Plantation, Chinquapin Plantation, Southern Heritage, Nochaway, and also Shell Creek Plantation in AL, as well as holding title to the largest timberland sale (Rock Creek/Molpus) in the Southeast in 8 years.

We cater primarily to high net worth individuals and investor groups who expect a high level of specialty knowledge beyond what a typical brokerage is able to provide. Our staff hold a Juris Doctorate, a Masters, and two Bachelors in Real Estate, as well as a land specialist who has advised and managed over 500,000 acres of high quality land. We spare no amount of money on marketing our clients' properties and are founding partners in two of the most successful land marketing firms in the country, Plantation Marketing Group, LLC and ($1.5M annual marketing budget).

We changed the way plantations and land are bought and sold! We have unlimited marketing resources & knowledge at our disposal. There isn’t anyone else in the country who markets high quality land better than we do. Even with 26 years specializing in selling plantations, ranches, and high quality properties, we knew we could get even better. In 2008, we founded Plantation Marketing Group (PMG) to meet our need of showcasing the high intrinsic, historical, and legacy values of the plantation asset class. This firm demonstrates and monetizes the stewardship values, conservation aspects, recreation, and legacy aspects of these properties to a national and international market. Today, its highly respected and exclusively markets Jon Kohler and Associates. In 2013, we co-founded LandLeader® which has rapidly grown to be the largest land marketing company in America with over $3B in sales during its first three years as a start-up! Today, Jon Kohler serve on the Board of Directors of this innovative, strategic real estate company aimed at providing national and international brand affiliation and strategic marketing. Among other things, Land Leader has its own TV show on RFD-tv that reaches over 77 Million households, it has its own magazine, and syndicates to over 1,400 real estate websites. Jon Kohler & Associates is the exclusive brokerage for the Southeast. The Plantation Marketing Group and Kohler and Associates strategy, combined with the LandLeader platform, provides the highest level of cutting edge service for our clients.

We also specialize in all areas of conservation easements including developing the 950 acre Centerville Conservation Community which is regarded as one of the finest neighborhoods in North Florida and boasts 70% of the land under conservation. In 2006, it was recognized by the Florida Legislature as a role model for development for the State of Florida. We understand all aspects of sales, marketing, and development of the land ownership cycle.

In 2013 we began our Social StormTM Properties program where we confidentially work with those seeking a safe haven property in light of increasing external threats. Incidentally, from an investment standpoint, the properties we find also make a great financial hedge. In effect, it is both a good investment as well as a way to preserve wealth.

We know and love land and are landowners and conservationists ourselves with over 850 acres with examples of almost every North Florida and South Georgia habitat type under our stewardship. Most of our property is under a conservation easement. Our office is located at Lick Skillet Plantation on the banks of the Aucilla River about mid-distance between Thomasville and Tallahassee. This property was the first Governor of the New World's ranch and home of 20,000 cattle before the Pilgrims even landed. It is also the area where the oldest known evidence of humans were found in North America (12,000 BC.) Today, we operate the Lick Skillet Cattle Company which raises grass fed/non-GMO beef, as well as timber and wildlife.

We continue to set records throughout the southeast and the plantation belt. We are extremely well-capitalized and have enormous energy to attack today's market changes and constant challenges.

We pray every day for the wisdom to best advise people on their real estate goals. We take our role in finding new stewards for the special properties in our region very seriously. Before you list or buy a high quality investment property, give us a call.

Jon Kohler & Associates has been named one of
America's Best Brokerages for the 7th year in a row!

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